Eric Valentine is True Story’s founder, writer-storyteller and creative director. Mr. Valentine is an award-winning journalist and advertising copywriter, with credits on Saturday Night Live’s popular Weekend Update segment.

Mr. Valentine formed True Story with the idea that a collaboration among the artists is more valuable to a society and culture than a competition among the artists. Early in life, he lost his wife to cancer—an experience that invoked his classic love story, “Beautiful,” and serves as the impetus for the group’s play entitled “The Mammal Problem.”

Mr. Valentine uses his life experiences, his dedication to world travel, and his background in psychology and philosophy (he has two Bachelor of Arts degrees from UCLA) not to answer life’s biggest issues, but to seek the right questions to ask about them.

Mr. Valentine’s book is entitled The True Story Project—A Collection of Short Stories and Editorial Poetry. It can be purchased on Lulu via the link below: