True Story is making a movie!

Twenty years ago, writer-storyteller Eric Valentine hiked Mt. Fuji. When he got to the top, he did something he didn’t know he wasn’t supposed to do. He took a lava rock from the very tip of the sacred volcano. The aftermath inspired True Story’s signature piece “Fuji”—a fan favorite.

On August 25, 2018, Valentine will return that same rock to that same spot on Mt. Fuji—it’s an eco-apology 20 years in the making. “Fuji” will be performed at the summit of Japan’s most precious landmark as part of a feature documentary called “Danny & The Rock” directed by Cary Judd of Wormhole Productions. Michael Tetro of Tetro Productions is director of photography.

The film is a feature-length nonfictional documentary on the nature of art, told by a fictional character, Danny—a persona Judd plays in his short film “Danny & the Tree.

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