We are proud to announce singer-songwriter Laio and music director of the group’s play—”The Mammal Problem”—is now a managing partner of True Story Project, LLC. The Idaho native has been a longtime fan of the project and became the group’s primary singer-songwriter in 2016. Laio, who is a fourth-generation Idaho musician and the daughter of singer-songwriter Deborah K Michels, will continue to be the group’s primary singer-songwriter and will now fill the role of music director permanently.

Laio’s CD is entitled “Breaking THINGS” and will be available online soon.

“Laio brings to True Story authentic emotion in her music, ridiculous talent in visual arts, vast and deep touring and staging know-how, and a well-intentioned ambition in a business partner that I have always sought and have never found until her,” — Eric Valentine | writer-storyteller and creative director for True Story Project, LLC