The Play

The Mammal Problem

The Mammal Problem—a play in two acts

A deceased wife must watch her husband live out the last 20 years of his life.

The Mammal Problem is 10 true stories covering a 20-year period of time, along with monologues and asides. All of it is told to live, original music, which is accompanied by interpretive dance and live-art painting to create the set as the play is performed.

The two-act play is written and directed by Eric Valentine and is a production of True Story Project—a collaboration of artists: a composer (Wesley Steele), a classical musician (Kyla Davidson of the Boise Philharmonic), a singer-songwriter (Laio), a dancer (Arianna Christiansen), a jazz musician (Garrick Meacham), a percussionist (Anna Dunford Meacham), an actor-narrator (Lish Carroll), a live-art painter (Alex Vega) and a writer-storyteller (Valentine). The play has been presented at the historic Egyptian Theatre in Boise, Idaho and at the Anne Bernstein Theater on Broadway in New York.